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Fujifilm XT2 X-T2 Body Graphite Silver Edition

24 megapixels, 3.0-inch Three-direction tilting LCD screen (1,040K-dot) Sensitivity, APS-C"X-Trans CMOS III, 4K, Electronic viewfinder
Article no   xt2 x-t2 graphite
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Description Fujifilm XT2 X-T2 Body Graphite Silver Edition


New Mechanical Shutter
New X-Trans CMOS III sensor
New Auto Focus : For different moving subjects
Continuous and Burst Shooting with Live View
Superior Definition of Movie
4K Video
Upgraded Design and Operability
Heightened ISO & SS Dials
Push Lock Dials
Better Grip
-5 ~ +5 stops
3 Way Tilting LCD
Dual Slot(UHS-II)
onger Eyecup
8 Direction AF Lever
Weather resistance

In its compact, lightweight and robust body, the FUJIFILM X-T2 delivers everything you need.
A large, high definition EVF, easy to use dials, high-speed AF, compatibility with an extensive range of high-performamce interchangeable lenses, Film Simulation modes that inherit the legacy of Fujifilm colors, unparalleled image quality and outstanding 4K movie recording, made possible by the latest sensor and processing engine, It is the X series perfected.

Outstanding image quality captures the beauty of the world around you
Image Quality

FUJIFILM X-T2 features the 24.3MP X-Trans™ CMOS III, an APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter boasting the highest performance in the history of the X Series, as well as the X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine to deliver outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos with high ISO sensitivity and low noise.

Precisely capturing the subject Focusing

The high-speed processing power and the use of improved algorithms have significantly improved the basic autofocus performance, improving the focusing performance on small points of light, low-contrast objects and subjects with fine and delicate textures such as bird feathers and animal fur, which have previously been the weakness of phase detection AF.

Get back to basics by shooting through the viewfinder Viewfinder

Immerse yourself in photography through the large viewfinder with the magnification ratio of 0.77x. The sense of perfect alignment from the center of your body to a subject through the lens creates an illusion that you have become one with the camera for the ultimate photographic pleasure.

Grip specifically designed for the FUJIFILM X-T2 to bring out the camera's maximum potential
In the Boost mode, multiple batteries can operate at the same time to give a boost to camera performance in continuous shooting, shooting interval, shutter release time lag and blackout time, while also extending the duration of 4K video recording to approx. 30 minutes.

High quality video recording
4K UHD video

Approx. 1.8 times the amount of information needed to produce 4K video (3840x2160) or 2.4 times required for full HD video (1920x1080) is packed in to create premium image quality with low moiré or artifacts.


The FUJIFILM X-T2 features a 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor for outstanding image quality. Its highly random pixel array effectively reduces moiré and false colors without the use of an optical low-pass filter. When combined with an XF lens, the sensor delivers images with a perceived resolution far greater than the number of pixels used. Other features include outstanding read speed, high-speed continuous shooting, high-precision AF tracking, highly faster liveview refresh rate and superb video recording.

The X-Processor Pro image processing engine is approximately four times faster than the previous model. The increased built-in memory and enhanced computational power bring out the maximum capabilities of the X-Trans CMOS III sensor. It produces high quality images and improves response times for shorter delays between shots, reduced shutter-release time lag and greater AF precision. The engine also delivers faster Live View refresh rates and reduces image delay when tracking moving subjects.

Larger high-speed and high-precision phase detection AF area coupled with performance improvements
AF performance has been improved in a number of keys areas. The fast and accurate phase detection AF now covers a larger part of the frame and has been optimized in the area where users are most likely to position the main subject. At the same time, the FUJIFILM X-T2 boasts significant focusing improvements on small highlights, low contrast subjects and subjects with fine textures, which have previously caused problems for focal plane phase detection AF. Contrast detection AF, which excels in low light conditions, has also received a performance boost, with the ability to accurately focus in light levels as low as -3EV. The camera also refocuses more regularly during the slow burst mode in AF-C.

The phase detection area has been expanded by approx. 230% compared to previous models, with the number of focus points increasing from 49 to 91 (up to 325). The camera also activates phase detection AF more frequently to take advantage of its AF speed and accuracy in a greater variety of situations.

Eye Detection AF automatically detects human eyes Choose Face Detection to automatically detect human faces, or turn on Eye Detection AF to automatically detect and accurately focus on human eyes for successful portraits with a shallow depth of field. You can also define the area of priority focus, for example right or left eye, or the eye closer to the camera. These functions have been upgraded for improved accuracy to a level that will impress professional photographers. They are particularly effective when shooting with the XF56mmF1.2 R / XF56mmF1.2 R APD or XF90mmF2 R LM WR lenses.

Pinpoint accurate focusing in MF mode
The FUJIFILM X-T2 has a variety of functions that assist pinpoint focusing in the MF mode. Set the Focus Mode Lever to MF and rotate the focus ring to access a variety of MF Assist functions. These include Focus Peaking, in which color is used to show the parts of the image that are in focus, and Digital Split Image, where focus is achieved by lining up the split image strips in the center. These features are particularly useful in macro photography and portraiture, which involve a shallow depth of field and require focusing precision

Focus Lever to instantly change the focusing point
The focus area can be changed in eight directions using the FUJIFILM X-T2's Focus Lever: up/down, right/left and diagonally. This allows users to make quick changes to the focus area for accurate focusing after composing an image. This feature is useful not only to shift the AF points during autofocusing, but also to quickly choose the area to be enlarged in MF Assist mode during manual focusing.

Vertical Power Booster Grip
Power Booster Grip

The Vertical Power Booster Grip VPB-XT2 can fit two batteries to boost the maximum number of shots per charge to approx. 1,000*. It not only lets you hold the camera vertically more confidently, but also features a shutter release button, Q button, focus lever, command dials, AE-L button and more to maintain the same level of excellent operability during shooting. The grip features a tripod mounting socket in line with the camera's optical axis, and is resistant to dust and water. The grip itself has battery-charging functionality, and is capable of fully charging two batteries in two hours.

Boost mode enhances performance
The FUJIFILM X-T2 is the first camera to feature the Boost mode, improving AF speed and EVF refresh rate. When fitted with the grip, the camera uses multiple batteries simultaneously to improve its performance on various aspects in the Boost mode, including continuous shooting, shooting interval, shutter release time lag and blackout time

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